Most Humane Ways to End an Overland Park Opossum in a Cage

Possums might have a passive behavior but there are times that they can be a problem especially if we have an Overland Park chicken coop. In case you find yourself in this situation, you may want to find ways to get rid of them. Some people will trap them first. Once you capture them, you can simply release them outside. However, there are also some that will choose to kill them. According to the law, you are not allowed to cause the creature an unnecessary suffering.

Humane Methods to Kill the Opossum in the Cage Trap

There are various methods that you can use to end the life of the Kansas opossum. Nonetheless, we only advise you to use the humane method since this is directed under the law. Conduct only these methods if you have the confidence to do it. If not, you may want to seek the assistance of the local wildlife expert to deal a quick and conclusive death to the opossum.

Shooting at its Head

Shooting the opossum at its head will deliver a quick death to the opossum. Be sure that you will maintain a good distance to the Kansas cage since there is a chance that the bullet may ricochet and end up injuring you. In case you are not confident with your marksmanship skill, you should not use this method. You can end up shooting the creature in other parts that will cause it to suffer. You should also not use this method if you live in a densely populated area. Talk to the local wildlife agency first in order to familiarize yourself on the existing regulations and policies. As an alternative method, you can deliver a quick and blunt force to the head of the possum.


After capturing the opossum, you may want to take it to the local Kansas wildlife center where they can perform euthanasia. Most of them will use a gas chamber that aims to suffocate the creature by replacing the oxygen in its body with a CO2. The gradual decrease of the oxygen will cause it to fall asleep and will eventually die. You may also perform this in your house but be sure that you are using a completely sealed container to stay safe. 

Lethal Injection

Another good alternative would be lethal injection. You may take them to your local veterinarian where the lethal injection will be administered. Usually the creature will be injected with a medicine that will keep their muscles relaxed. This will then be followed by the drug that will stop their heart muscle. This will give them a very peaceful death. Unfortunately, not a lot of veterinarian will be willing to do the job. 

These are just some of your options to kill the Overland Park opossum in the cage humanely. You should not use poison since this will give the creature with an unbearable death. A better option is to keep your house possum-proof by using simple house modifications to avoid any conflict with the opossum. 

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